Greeting Bruno Lunenfeld

brbigDear Colleagues!
It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the 7th ISSAM/ESSAM Congress on Men’s Health and Aging in Moscow.
Despite enormous medical progress during the past few decades, the last years of life are still accompanied by increasing ill health and disability. The ability to maintain independent living for as long as possible is a crucial factor of health and aging.
Therefore, the promotion of healthy aging and the prevention of disability in all older people must assume a central role in medical research and medical practice, as well as in the formulation of national health and social policies. Whilst gender specific aging issues of women and female health in general has been the focus of a coherent medical approach for many years, the healthcare of males in their aging years has tended to be uncoordinated. Effective programs promoting healthy aging will ensure a more efficient use of health and social services and thereby improve the quality of life in older persons, by enabling them to remain independent and productive. This Congress will raise public awareness of increased medical knowledge and also serve as a stage for basic, clinical, socio-economic and epidemiological research that needs to be intensified, and will help the multi-disciplinary and internationally coordinated research efforts.
The 7th ISSAM/ESSAM Congress on Men’s Health and Aging will demonstrate that interdisciplinary collaboration is possible, and that it can unite all forces in this relatively new discipline. It truly displays our purpose to comprehensively examine the causes and consequences of male aging and its social and medical repercussions, with the goal being to improve the health status and quality of life of men.
This Congress will bring together the most recent data presented by prominent scientists on the many physical, metabolic and psychological changes experienced by men as they age. We will highlight prostate gland changes, testosterone metabolism, the metabolic syndrome, cardio vascular disease, osteoporosis, sexuality, mood and cognitive disorders and more. More importantly we will update the ISSAM recommendations on the diagnosis and management of late onset hypogonadism and hope you will be part of this important project.
The Congress is intended for a broad audience with multifaceted interests such as practitioners, experts and researchers of medical, behavioral and social sciences, as well as for providers of services and technologies for the aging population. The general practitioner will have special learning opportunities in this relatively new field.
We look forward to welcoming you to Moscow Nov 29 2013.

Bruno Lunenfeld