Address by ISSAM President Bruno Lunenfeld on the current situation with COVID-19

Dear ISSAM members, Dear readers of the “Aging Male journal, and dear colleagues

I am writing to you during an unprecedented and difficult time for all of us. Across the globe, healthcare systems are under immense pressure, or are taking steps to prepare for intense pressure to come. As healthcare workers, you are vitally important at all times, but particularly during times of this crisis.The aging population and especially aging men are at a higher risk and our organization will do its best to design preventive strategies to help men age in health an dignity. Let us hope that in a few month the situation will stabilize and that by the end of the year we will be able to have our c 14th ISSAM congress

I hope you are all well and will remain healthy and will be able to join at the 14th ISSAM congress to be held in November 29th -December 02 2020 in Kaliningrad on the Baltic Sea. (former Königsberg).

The scheme of the congress : ;Aging as a manifestation of chronic inflammation: from science to clinical practice.

The ISSAM secretariat is working very hard to update the ISSAM recommendations. A draft will be presented to be discussed by all participants and hopefully finalized to be published on our journals first issue of 2021.

Looking forward to meet you all

Bruno Lunenfeld MD PhD