Greeting Bruno Lunenfeld

brbigDear Colleagues!
We kindly invite you to take part in the 8th ISSAM/ESSAM Congress on Men’s Health and Aging which will take place in Almaty , Kazakhstan on September 10 and 11, 2014.

As life expectancy is increasing worldwide and populations are aging the problem encountered in male aging is more challenging then ever before, both in developed as well as in developing countries

Since healthy life expectancy has lagged behind the increase in life expectancy, the rise in morbidity will increase the burden on healthcare systems.

Implementation of preventive health strategies to decrease, delay or prevent frailty, lung, breast and colon cancer, insulin resistance, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, osteoporosis and osteopaenia, may increase health expectancy,and permit men to age gracefully and maintain independent living, without disability, for as long as possible.

The key theme of the Congress will be the problem of cancer prophylactics for senior people

During adult life, and at older age, the goal is to maintain the highest possible level of functioning through continuing a healthy life-style with proper nutrition, physical and mental exercise, and preventive strategies to detect and treat any hormone or vitamin deficiency as well as pathological processes as early as possible.

To preserve functional performance and maintain independent living in this vulnerable population, a transition is needed towards more proactive, integrated, and structured health care for older people. A multidisciplinary group at the ISSAM congress will discuss these issues, as well the running and management of a “male aging clinic”.

One of the key issues in male aging is the development of testosterone deficiency, also known as hypogonadism. Numerous studies have demonstrated substantial health benefits for testosterone therapy for men with this condition, including cardiovascular benefits. However, two recent papers have raised concerns regarding cardiovascular risks with testosterone therapy. Experts will address this concern, and will discuss in detail the problems with these papers, explaining why ISSAM has joined more than 25 other medical societies in calling for the retraction of one of them. The various health benefits of testosterone will also be presented.

We are looking forward to seeing you at 8th ISSAM Congress and participate with us to help men to age in health and dignity

Bruno Lunenfeld
MD.; FRCOG. FACOG (hon.)
President ISSAM