Since 1995, the Canadian pharmaceutical company PharmaMed has successfully introduced highly effective modern biotherapy products on the Russian market, developed jointly with leading Canadian and US laboratories in the field of healthy nutrition. During this time, the company has firmly secured one of the leading positions in the biocomplex market and enjoys well-deserved trust both among consumers and specialists.




Acino Rus – Russian subsidiary of the international pharmaceutical group Acino headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland – markets high quality Rx and OTC products throughout Russia making them accessible for our clients and partners, patients and health facilities.





Daigo has been the official exclusive distributor of the Japanese manufacturer B&S Corporation in Russia and CIS countries since July 1, 2012.
Daigo is a revolutionary organic drink from Japan. It recovers native gut flora, boosts up the immune system and helps to correct weight, rejuvenates skin and the whole body.
The manufacturing process of the DAIGO product is really time-consuming, it takes up 2 years. The Daigo drink contains an extract of 16 types (strains) of lactic bacteria. The bacteria, combined with soy milk, undergo several stages of fermentation and come up as the purified lactic bacteria extract “Daigo”. Also, it is supplemented with forming and additional components: citric and lactic acid, mineral water. The production site is located on the territory of the national reserve at the foot of Mount Fuji, providing ideal environmental conditions for the production of ecologically pure product.
Daigo is a breakthrough solution free fromэкологически чиimperfections of past-generation products!




DNKOM Laboratory

The history of the DNKOM brand begins in 2009. Over the 10 years, the laboratory has grown from the Research Institute of Molecular Genetic Research to a federal company.

The main areas of DNKOM laboratory's work are work with legal entities, a franchise program and a network of its own medical offices. We have reliable corporate partners, and we are also developing the direction of public procurement.

Currently, DNCOM is represented by 18 medical offices and 317 corporate clients in Russia and the CIS countries. And on the way 9 more in various cities from the nearest Moscow region to Western Siberia.

The instrument park of the DNKOM laboratory has 30 analyzers of world brands from industry leaders in the field of laboratory equipment in Japan, the USA and Europe. We conduct more than 2000 types of various studies and constantly introduce new products at the request of the medical community







Viridi Laboratorium is a company, investing in the Research and Development of innovative organic products which enhance the quality of modern persons’s life.

In cooperation with Institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Viridi Laboratorium develops a wide range of products based on marine brown algae and fish caviar protein, with a proven effectiveness.

The basic assortment of our products range is based on the molecular form (jelly) of the White Sea seaweed – Fucus vesiculosus, representing categories such as treatment-and-prophylactic and functional nutrition, cosmeceuticals.

Viridi Laboratorium - innovative products for your beauty, active and healthy life!





The international pharmaceutical company Avicenna, headquartered in Istanbul, is a leader in its field. Products are represented in more than 90 countries.

Avicenna products are developed in the laboratory that operates in the fields of Research & Development, and Production Development. The laboratory established set up on a more than 600 square meters area has the necessary technical equipment such as High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC- MS), atomic absorption and the like for the analysis of all raw materials needed in the process and also for the end products.

Production is carried out in Istanbul at own ultramodern plant having certificates of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), ISO 9001, 14001 (International Organization for Standardization) and many others, production is made of high-quality raw materials which is delivered from the best regions of Turkey and all over the world.

Microbiological tests and aflotoxin levels are carried out on all plants and plant extracts used in production. The amount of active ingredient in plant extracts used in production is measured by High Performance Liquid Chromatography. The oils is measured by their level of purity and composition of the components.

Verification testing is regularly conducted on final products by independent accredited laboratories.

In 2019, Avicenna celebrates two important events: its 30th anniversary and entry into the Russian and CIS markets.


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MyGenetics is a high-tech company that conducts DNA analysis in the field of nutrition, cosmetics and sports. We have been working since 2013 to change people’s lives to better by losing weight efficiently, chosing the right sport and cosmetics to understand their body and develop their innate portential.




For the offices of a nutritionist, endocrinologist, cosmetologist, fitness clubs, resorts, health centers, professional athletes, we offer a bio-impedance body composition analyzer ABC-02 "MEDASS". Using this diagnostic hardware-software complex, you can quickly, safely and comfortably obtain objective data on body composition (fat, active cellular and skeletal muscle mass, total and extracellular water, waist / hip index, phase angle, main and specific basic metabolism ) in adults and children. A medical device is a sales leader in the Russian market among diagnostic devices in this area; it has been installed in more than 2000 offices. It pays off quickly.




Health-Quartet en

"HEALTH QUARTET" is a new generation cosmetic line with a rejuvenating effect and a powerful antioxidant effect. The combined action of the components - provitamin D, omega-3,6 polyunsaturated fatty acids, phytoestrogens and α-lipoic acid systemically improves skin metabolism. As a result all visible signs of aging are reduced: the epidermal barrier is stabilized, synthesis of collagen and elastin is stimulated, the level of antibacterial protection and immune status of the skin is increased, the quality of the water-lipid mantle of the skin is restored, its elasticity is increased, fine wrinkles are smoothed and the skin becomes healthy, well maintained look.




VITAMAX – 25 years of impeccable reputation, it is a BRAND checked by time. Since 1994, VITAMAX company has been offering its consumers high-quality natural products for health: vitamins, minerals, biologically active additives manufactured in the USA, France and Russia, VITAMAX products are made on the basis of natural natural raw materials of plant, mineral and animal origin in full compliance with international GMP standards, its distinguished by high quality and efficiency, the intake of systemic health products of VITAMAKS Company allows people of different ages, sex and social polo eniya be healthy and energetic. VITAMAX is a supporter and promoter of a healthy lifestyle, proper and balanced nutrition.





An international family-owned company with a 110-year history of success, the key areas of activity of which are botulinum therapy and aesthetic medicine. At the heart of Merz's work are innovation, collaboration and trust. The company's desire to help people look better, feel better and live better allows them to build trusting relationships with partners and patients. The Russian division of Merz has been operating since 1997. According to IMS Health, it is on the list of 70 largest pharmaceutical companies in Russia. The Russian branch ranks second in the world in terms of sales among all divisions of the company.




NORWEGIAN Fish Oil is one of the best manufacturers of high quality and safe fish products. A highly specialized company, a recognized expert in its field. The headquarters is located in Trondheim (Norway). The production is located in Scandinavia in cutting-edge pharmaceutical plants (GMP, ISO 9001, 9002, HASSP, etc.). Products are presented in 50 countries of the world.