pharmamedCanadian pharmaceutical company PharmaMed has been successfully working on Russian market since 1995; it sells highly effective products for biotherapy created in cooperation with the leading laboratories in Canada and the USA working in the sphere of health food. During this time period the company has managed to gain one of the leading positions on the market of bio-complexes and enjoys trust of both specialists and consumers.

Our mission is to take care of health and to increase the standard of living. We produce and sell more than 70 vitamin-mineral and vegetation bio-complexes of the next generation which are included in well-known product lines: Man’s formula®, Lady’s formula®, Kid’s formula® , Life formula®, Diet formula™ , Aqualor®, which can be useful for our consumers at any age and help them be full of energy and feel the taste of life. We really hope that in Russia will be more people who care and want to take care of their health. PharmaMed will do its best to help its consumers feel good and look better!




besinBesins Healthcare has been successfully operating for more than 10 years in the sphere of medical products for male and female health, by combining traditions and innovations in producing high-quality and high-tech products. Company main priority is to work out and introduce highly effective and innovative medical products in genecology, infertility treatment and men’s health. Препараты Androgel, Utrogestan, Progestogel and ?strogel are highly evaluated by Russian and international specialists. The Company does not rest on its laurels and plans to launch new products.


ta-65mdLLC "TELOMERASE ACTIVATION SCIENCES" is a young developing Russian company, established in 2011.
It is an official exclusive distributor in Russia and CIS of the first telomerase activator in the world – “TA-65MD”
General Director – Galina Orlova.

"TA-65®MD"is a revolutionary product of cell renewal; it is produced in the USA under a unique patented technology and realizing its active method through telomerase activation. Its creation was preceded by fundamental researches in telomere biology which was awarded a Noble Prize in Medicine and Physiology (2009). This fact is an official acceptance of the sphere importance from the world scientific community.

For more information, please, contact LLC "Telomerase Activation Sciences" address: 129090, Moscow, Prospect Mira, 13, office 232.
Tel. + 7 (495) 974-69-44, www.ta-65md.ru


bayerBayer HealthCare




JSC Valenta Pharmaceuticals is one of the leading pharmaceutical producers in Russia. The company provides more than one hundred medicines for efficient treatment in the following therapeutic areas: neurology, urology, gastroenterology, and general practice. The key Company’s brands are Ingavirin (ingavirin.ru), Grammidin (grammidin.ru), Zorex (zorex.ru), BioMax (biomax-vitamin.ru), Trimedat (trimedat.ru), Phenotropil (phenotropil.ru), Phenazepam, Teraligen, Pantocalcin. There are also new medicines in the R&D pipeline and registration process. 

Valenta has got its own production spot in Schelkovo (Moscow region). This allows implementing complicated manufacturing projects. Also, the Company is building a new plant to be opened in 2014 in the same area. All equipment for the new plant is being manufactured in Europe using state-of-the-art technologies. It will make this enterprise one of the most advanced production spots in Russian pharmaceutical market. The new plant will operate in strict accordance with GMP standards. Being a socially-responsible company, Valenta stands for responsible healthcare solutions for patients and doctors by providing them with great medicines.




Norwegian Fish Oil 

Ltd. "ODAS Pharma" is the official distributor of Norwegian Fish Oil AS in the Russian Federation, as well as in the republics of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Moldova, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine. The company is headquartered in Norway in Trondheim. The Moscow office was opened in 2012. During the work of Ltd. "ODAS Pharma" has proved itself as a reliable and stable partner, providing a flexible approach to customer needs.

Norwegian Fish Oil AS is a trademark that guarantees quality and safety for the consumer. The first factory for the production was launched in 1936. The company is engaged in research and development of its own pharmaceutical products. More than 20% of the turnover of the company are directed to research.

For today, in the territory of Russia 5 products produced by the company are registered.

For production the Atlantic salmon, anchovy fish family, queenfish, herring, smelt, mackerel grown on farms in Iceland. Portuguese shark and Fabricius black dog shark are beeing caught in the Atlantic Ocean.

Each product has, as common to all, as well as unique properties directed at the treatment and prevention of various organ systems. NORWEGIAN Fish Oil Omega-3 complies with the monograph 60 "ethyl esters of omega-3 fatty acids," European and British Pharmacopoeia.








Orion Corporation