Abstracts submission

How to submit

Abstracts can be submitted by e-mail:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Anna Korobkova, +7 (917) 515 0058

Abstracts are accepted in Russian and English.

Please title your file by name of the first author.
Subject of the e-mail - "Abstract for ISSAM 2019"
Please don't forget to provide the contacts of the responsible person and contact information for ALL abstract authors (name, scientific degree, tel., e-mail)

The best abstracts will be published in TheAgingMale journal.
Please note, that abstracts without contact information about ALL the authors can't be published in TheAgingMale journal.

Abstracts are accepted till October 30, 2019 (NO EXTENSION)

  • Registration fee payment is obligatory for abstracts submission.
  • ISSAM Congress speakers and young scientists (up to 35 years) can submit theirs abstract for free without paying registration fee.


Guidelines for Abstracts preparation:

1. List of authors: flush left. Format: surname, initials, science degree. Co-authors are divided with a coma. The first in the list is the corresponding author (the author, providing the abstract).

2. Abstract title: semi-bald, center alignment.

3. Name of the organization: flush left. Format: organization, city, country.
If you'd like to mention several organizations, each of them should be written in a separate line.

4. The main text should be divided into the following obligatory parts (their headings should be semi-bold):

  • introduction,
  • methodology,
  • results,
  • conclusion.


5. If necessary a short list of printed resources can be given in the end (1 to 5). Should be organized in accordance with the rules of bibliographic description and requirements for scientific publications, in any other case references will not be published. Numbers of bibliographic references should be given in the text in square brackets and their list should be given in consecutive numbering. References are added manually.

General document features:

  • Document format — DOC (Microsoft Word 97 —2003 or modern word-processors);
  • Page А4, portrait orientation;
    General size: one page maximum. Any enlargements should be discussed with and organization committee of the congress;
  • Margins on top, bottom, left and right 20 mm;
  • Full justification;
  • type Times New Roman, 11;
  • single line style, no shift before or after the paragraph, new line;
  • Automatic hyphenation should be switched off.


* The author and their research adviser are responsible for the information accuracy and scientific content of the work
* by providing theses to the organization committee the authors confirm their agreement to publish the theses and take full responsibility that they do not violate copyright rights of the third party and are not regulated by the law restriction of information flow. The work authors are also responsible for any additional documents execution.