For the offices of a nutritionist, endocrinologist, cosmetologist, fitness clubs, resorts, health centers, professional athletes, we offer a bio-impedance body composition analyzer ABC-02 “MEDASS”. Using this diagnostic hardware-software complex, you can quickly, safely and comfortably obtain objective data on body composition (fat, active cellular and skeletal muscle mass, total and extracellular water, waist / hip index, phase angle, main and specific basic metabolism ) in adults and children. A medical device is a sales leader in the Russian market among diagnostic devices in this area; it has been installed in more than 2000 offices. It pays off quickly.

Viridi Laboratorium

Viridi Laboratorium is a company, investing in the Research and Development of innovative organic products which enhance the quality of modern persons’s life.

In cooperation with Institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Viridi Laboratorium develops a wide range of products based on marine brown algae and fish caviar protein, with a proven effectiveness.

The basic assortment of our products range is based on the molecular form (jelly) of the White Sea seaweed – Fucus vesiculosus, representing categories such as treatment-and-prophylactic and functional nutrition, cosmeceuticals.

Viridi Laboratorium – innovative products for your beauty, active and healthy life!


VITAMAX – 25 years of impeccable reputation, it is a BRAND checked by time. Since 1994, VITAMAX company has been offering its consumers high-quality natural products for health: vitamins, minerals, biologically active additives manufactured in the USA, France and Russia, VITAMAX products are made on the basis of natural natural raw materials of plant, mineral and animal origin in full compliance with international GMP standards, its distinguished by high quality and efficiency, the intake of systemic health products of VITAMAKS Company allows people of different ages, sex and social polo eniya be healthy and energetic. VITAMAX is a supporter and promoter of a healthy lifestyle, proper and balanced nutrition.