Nina Bolotova

specialty – pediatrics, pediatric endocrinology, diabetology, restorative medicine; 

education – higher medical, graduated from the Saratov Medical Institute in 1971; 

labor activity: pediatrician, neonatologist in the Chita region – 1971-1974; clinical residency (CPDB) – 1974-1976; pediatrician of the Central Regional Hospital, Petrovsk-Zabaikalsky, Chita Region – 1976-1979; teacher at the Saratov Medical School – 1979-1981; KPDB doctor – 1981; Assistant of the KPDB SGMI – 1982-1994; Associate Professor KPDB SGMI – 1994-1996; Head of the Department of KPDB SSMU – since 1996 

Scientific interests: 

pediatric endocrinology: thyroidology, obesity in children, diabetology, pathology of the reproductive sphere, disorders of sexual development; 

pediatric dietetics, medical nutrition, infant feeding, the use of restorative medicine methods in programs for the prevention and rehabilitation of diseases in children and adolescents.