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Dear colleagues!

29.11 – 01.12.2013 first time in Russia will be held the 7th ISSAM Congress
(International Society for the Study of the Aging Male)

ISSAM Congress is a unique opportunity not only to see and hear, but also to meet personally in an informal atmosphere stars, legends and future stars of androllogy:


Dear Colleagues!
It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the 7th ISSAM/ESSAM Congress on Men’s Health and Aging in Moscow.
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Bruno Lunenfeld

Bruno Lunenfeld, president and organizer of ISSAM, author of recommendations on diagnostics and treatment of androgen deficiency of the aging male, without him EF would be impossible.
Abraham Morgentaler, author of unique works on testosterone and prostate cancer, the person who has changed a long term paradigm of testosterone influence on the prostate gland.
Malcolm Carruthers, pioneer of androgen theory, author of the book “The Testosterone Revolution” which was translated into Russian and has become a best-seller.
Svetlana Kalinchenko, world expert in erectile dysfunction treatment and male obesity, author of a combined therapy in erectile dysfunction treatment with androgens and inhibitors iFDE type 5
Michael Cicma, world famous andrologist, author of a scale showing dependence of clinical symptoms on the testosterone level.
Leonid Vorslov, author of “Health quartet”, fundament of the age-associated illnesses therapy.
Yulija Tishova, author of a big international research on testosterone and metabolic syndrome “Moscow Study”

Topics for discussion:

• Prophylactic strategies in the 21st century.  Medicine at the turn of the century, change of the paradigm, from the medicine of treatment in the 20th century to the medicine of prophylactics in the 21st century.
• History of revolutionary medications which have changed the world, testosterone is the greatest discovery of the 20th century. From hypogenitalism treatment to its prophylactics.
• Modern theories of aging and opportunities to manage aging in the 21st century.
• From prostate cancer treatment to its prophylactics. Testosterone – a blessing or a curse for the prostate gland, change of the paradigm.
• Diagnostics and treatment of age-associated illnesses
• Female androgen deficit, a myth or reality?
• INSULIN RESISTANCE: diagnostics and treatment. Aging and insulin resistance.
• Metabolic syndrome, Diabetes and Testosterone: Health quartet against death quartet
• Aging and reproduction. Non-traditional EF at an advanced age. Medical and ethical issues.
• new and interesting information about telomerase activation, ageless man notion and well elderly

We invite to take part in the Congress: endocrinologists, urologists, andrologists, gynecologists, therapist-nutritionists,  neurologists, cardiologists, psychologists, dermatocosmetologists, gerontologists, doctors, residents and postgraduates of all medical specialization who are interested in the issues of male and female health, hormonetherapy and medicine of prophylactics in the 21st century.

The Congress is not only three days of immersion in the world of interesting professional information and informal communication with the authors of the anti-age therapy, but a chance to have a rest in one of the best country hotels of the Moscow region, park-hotel Les Arts Resort, where you can enjoy the beauty of central Russia.

Exposition of the exhibition: during the conference will be organized thematic exposition of producers and distributors of pharmaceutical products, medical products and equipment, diagnostic tools, products of medical purpose, IT specialists and professional press. Information about the format and price of your participation will be sent to you on your request.

ATTENTION! The number of participants is limited!

We are waiting for you and we wish you success at work!

If you have any issues, please, contact: +7 (499) 500-93-96